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Covington Plastic Molding is a quality oriented Plastic Injection Molding Company.
Everyday we strive to be the best plastic company on the planet.





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Covington Plastic Molding is proud of the staff that makes us what we are;
a team oriented company with the objective
of being the best plastic company on the planet!

Covington Plastic molding was founded by Scott, James and Steve Covington in 1998. Since then they have expanded the company several times to provide a range of machinery and services to fit their customers needs.

  We are . . .

James Covington
James Covington, President

James has worked in the plastic molding industry since 1991 where he started as a setup man and worked his way up to plant supervisor. James has gone to school to become a specialist in ultrasonic welding and pad printing and is also very proficient in processing different types of plastic resins. James is partially responsible for the making of molds used in production as well as CNC programming. James also specializes in high tech plastic processing and establishes new and innovative methods of processing as well as machine setup and production.

Scott Covington
Vice President
Scott Covington, Vice President

Scott has a Specialized Associate Degree from York Technical Institute in Electronics, graduating in 1991. After spending seven years in electronics he helped his brother James and his father Steve start Covington Plastic Molding in 1998. Scott is key as a liaison with customers and vendors working closely with prints, specifications, materials and quality assurance as well as the overall production of customer orders and general management for Covington Plastic Molding.

Steve Covington
Chief Processor
Steve Covington, Chief Processor

Steve worked for a large power tool company for 24 years starting in 1966. He started at the bottom as a cleanup man and worked his way up to setup person then shift manager and finally company consultant. Steve was one of four designers of the world's first automatic mold changing plastic injection molding machine. This was accomplished on a 385 ton Van Dorn. Not only did it change the mold, it also changed the material. Total job setup time was reduced from four hours to less than four minutes! Steve is known throughout the plastics industry for his technical knowledge of different resins and processing abilities.
Steve can be found throughout the facility performing virtually any task.

Steve McNaughton
Office Manager
Steve McNaughton, Office Manager

As Office Manager, Steve is involved heavily with scheduling, ordering, and shipping. In addition, Steve is well involved in all other managerial duties such as AP, AR, and all HR functions. He is able to help in a variety of areas and is an important asset to the company. Steve's background spans a wide array of industries from production to purchasing and sales to computer repair, and network administration.



The staff is personally selected by the Covington family and is designed to mold a well organized, efficient and finely tuned component which makes up Covington Plastic Molding.


10 South Bolton St. ~ New Oxford ~ PA ~ 17350
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